While on my internship with Africa Media, I am able to go to a plethora of different towns. This past week we went to a town called Barrydale. There we stayed at the Karoo Art Hotel. This hotel was covered in all sorts of art such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs. They even had fun costumes for the guests to try on and wear around the hotel. We also had the opportunity to visit a little restaurant called Desal and Cream. We also had an art gallery across from our hotel, called Magpie Art Gallery. With every place we went to in this small town the journalist of the group had a chance to interview someone who worked there. Because of the interviews, the group as a whole was able to learn a little more about Barrydale. I was also able to take pictures of these small businesses which I am excited to share with others. All in all I would love to go back and learn more about the people and their history, because this is definitely a town full of history.


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