A Productive Quarantine

During times like these it is hard to stay productive and motivated. Most of us are stuck in the same daily routine, and that can be a huge productivity killer. I was starting to lose interest in doing the things I love. I wanted to take some time to share some of the things I have found/been doing that have helped me stay active and productive while social distancing.

Getting motivated starts by getting in the right mindset when you wake up. It is important to have a good morning routine that works for you. Something to slowly wake the mind and body up. Personally, I like to not look at my phone right when I wake up. We start the day off already reacting to something when we look at our phones. By not having a good or bad reaction towards something, we are able to start the day fresh. My morning routine consists of 20-30 min of yoga, meditation, or Tai Chi. Then I make my daily smoothie: strawberrys, bananas, blackberries, yogurt, turmeric, protein powder, kale, honey, ginger, almond milk, and some fruit juice. Once you got your body moving and nourished, you are ready to start the day!

Another great way I stay productive is I try to get out as often as possible. Luckily in my area we are able to go hiking and do outdoor activities, so I have been fully taking advantage. While practicing social distancing, I have gone on long hikes in my area. I am a nature photographer mainly so being out in nature with my camera is the best form of productivity I can think of. Regardless of your craft or interest hiking is a super fun and healthy way to clear the mind and strengthen your body. If you can't go hiking then a simple walk around the neighborhood can have the same effect.

Practice, practice, practice! I know that it feels like all you've been doing is practicing and working. I know that feeling of "i'll get to it tomorrow." Its hard for most people to be stuck in a routine, doing the same things day in and day out. Even when it feels like you're in a cycle that is never-ending, but IT WILL END. There will be a time when we are not quarantined anymore, and all of that hard work you put in now will count for everything! This is your time to perfect what you do, so you can show the world in time. Putting in the work now will make you just that much more prepared for life after quarantine.

Finally, you can start to plan for the near future. We know that things wont be running the same way when everything opens back up, so try to think about your plans for when that time comes. What can you be doing right now that will benefit you once the quarantine ends? For example, I have been trying to contact models for collaborations. I know that most of them are unavailable now, but I am still making plans with them and setting up future shoots. This is the perfect time to make connections and do the research you need to be successful after this all ends. The time is ideal because everyone is online now.

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